We provide a wide range of dog and cat food already in stock. If our food range does not cover your animals diet then you may bring your own food clearly labelled up. We are unable to cook food but owners may bring food that has been pre-cooked, bagged in meal size portions, clearly labelled and frozen. We feed in the morning and evening, and will try our best to match any home routines within reasonable hours. Please let us know any change of diet before each visit. Fresh water is continuously refilled throughout the day.

Yes. We are happy to accommodate any toys that will make your pets stay comfortable.

Please note all your own belongings should be clearly labelled. You should only bring items that we can dispose of, in case they become badly chewed or damaged. Please do not bring items of sentimental or high monetary value as we cannot guarantee their safe return.

We have no doubt that your bedding works well for you at home. But…

What if your dog digests the stuffing from the dog’s bed in the pen next door?
What if the water dish gets spilled and soaks into your dog’s bedding?
What if your dog stays with us for an extended period and the bedding needs to be washed but is too large for our machines?

Unfortunately due a list of issues, we can’t allow animals to bring their own bedding. We recommended providing an item that could remind your pet of you and will encourage a comfortable stay with us.

We do not mix the animals and although our dogs and cats can see each other, they’re always individually penned.

This excludes any pets that are brought in as a family.

Yes,  Please let us know about any possible changes at your earliest convenience. Any extra days will be charged at your daily rate.

Please note, there will be admin charge of £5.00 for every booking alteration within 14 days of your pets stay. This is also includes the duration of your pets stay.

Yes. We always try to accommodate pets with specific medical needs, but please contact us first before making any bookings as we can help assess their needs and stay with us.

Please note that there are some extra charges for medication that needs to be given outside our usual hours.

Whilst we try our upmost to settle your pets during their stay, we can not guarantee that your pet will comfortably  settle with us. With this in mind we recommended starting with a dayboard or a one night stay to get your pet used to the environment.

Once a booking has been made, we also offer a free taster session, between 12-5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is subject to availability. Unfortunately we can’t accommodate tasters during our peak periods.

Small – Jack Russell, Yorkie

We will always try our best to accommodate each animal but every pet has their own individual personality and behaves differently from others. In order that we can best care for  your pet please inform us about your pets temperament whether they are friendly, timid, excitable or very importantly if they can be aggressive.

Yes, we have an open door policy!

You are more than welcome to turn up during our opening hours to view our facilities.

If you require anymore information, please email bookings@woodbinekennels.co.uk or contact us 01695 422698

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